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Clean technology describes technologies, products and services that minimize impacts on the environment by improving operational performance and productivity and reducing natural resources usage, energy consumption, waste and environmental pollution.

CleanTech companies listed on CSE

The business of Aduro Clean Technologies is the development and commercialization of its Hydrochemolytic™ technology (HCT) to create higher-value chemicals and fuels from lower-value feedstocks including waste plastics. In this pursuit, Aduro seeks to address important problems faced by the global community. Originally conceived as a radical alternative for bitumen upgrading, HCT is covered by three patents and three patents pending.

BacTech Environmental Corporation uses its proprietary BACOX bioleaching technology to process toxic, arsenic-laden mine tailings. Bioleaching, in addition to stabilizing arsenic, oxidizes sulphides, thereby eliminating a major source of acid mine drainage, while also recovering precious and base metals from tailings for sale to market. The Company's flagship project is in Tenguel, Ecuador.

Delta Cleantech Inc. provides clean energy engineering services and technology in response to issues around environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) and identity preserved waste. Delta CleanTech is a technology industry leader in CO2 Capture; Solvent & Glycol Reclamation and CO2 Capture for Blue Hydrogen projects.

EnviroGold Global is a clean technology company that is capitalizing environmental stewardship and sustainably supplying the world’s increasing demand for precious, critical and strategic metals by profitably reclaiming unrecovered value from mine tailings and resource development waste streams. EnviroGold Global leverages proprietary technology, superior operationalized knowledge and an agile, efficient culture to recover valuable metals, recharge critical natural resources and accelerate the world’s transition to a sustainable circular resource economy.

Li-Metal Corp. is a Canadian-based company developing lithium metal anodes and lithium metal production technologies for use in next generation batteries. Our production methods are significantly more sustainable than existing products and offer lighter, more energy dense and safer batteries that are critical to tomorrow’s electric vehicles.

Newlox Gold Ventures Corp. is an environmental remediation company recovering contaminants and residual precious metals from historical waste left behind over more than a century of inefficient artisanal and small-scale mining in politically and socially stable jurisdictions in Latin America.

The Company operates within a unique part of the resource industry and benefits from low costs and high grades due to its focus on artisanal mine tailings. Hundreds of years of mining history in Latin America and current inefficient artisanal processing ensure ample opportunities for the Company to grow its business model.

Newlox occupies a pioneering niche within the extractive industry where it can apply innovative processing techniques to not only recover precious metals but also to effect positive change in the environmental and social landscape through its operations.

Organic Potash Corporation is a Canadian based corporation with operations in Ghana, West Africa. The Corporation is currently constructing a manufacturing facility which will implement a proprietary production technology to convert organic waste materials, such as Cocoa Husks, into 99%+ pure potassium carbonate. The purity of Organic Potash's potassium carbonate is an industry first and will allow for numerous applications in multiple industries including, the Agricultural, Food and Pharmaceutical industries.

Regenx is a company organized under the laws of Alberta, Canada, that is engaged in ‎development and deployment of material processing technologies, including CleanTech technologies.

Replenish Nutrients Holding is driven to support a farm system that puts healthy soils and grower profitability back on the table. We are building an innovative platform of soil health products that offer growers an alternative to conventional fertilizers which leave the soil devoid of the nutrients and bacteria essential to plant life. Replenish Nutrients benefits from multiple revenue streams including, primarily, the sale of regenerative fertilizers, but also enjoys secondary revenue from generating power and selling surplus electricity.

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